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“Light” is screened in PA

July 22, 2016

“Light” an award winning video is featured in the Narrow Way Film festival in PA July 16th 2016.

“Light” is a gentle ballad by Cedar Breaks that emphasizes the human potential to assist one another in significant helpful ways. The metaphor of light is used in this ballad to draw an analogy between our capacities for compassion and light itself.
“Light” is” a song of hope and courage, as one person takes a stand in the service of another and how that act gains momentum as others grasp the vision and become a strong force for change.
The message is powerful and timeless.
“Light” (Light Up the Land”) Copyright Greg Ericksen, Written by Greg Ericksen, Arrangement Mike Ericksen and Michael Gibbons.
Chanel Kostich, Cedar Break’s Dancer and choreographer brings this amazing song to life.

The Song and video has been screened across the country winning awards and accolades including “best gospel song.”


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