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"Light" (Single) From the New album, Myst, Thread of Life

Available (I-tunes download) June 2014

“Light” the first song from the album; “Myst, Thread of Life”, is a song with a powerful message that tells of the strength and influence of one person having the courage to make a stand, and the ripple effect of those actions upon those who have been touched by kindness. The song originally titled “Light up the Land” was written by Greg Ericksen and featured on the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Album of the same name. It also became the designated song of one of the greatest rescue events in American history, of a group of pioneer emigrants in 1856 on the high plains near south pass Wyoming, caught in a blizzard and out of provisions. It was also sung at several special Native American events in the Mountain West. Cedar Breaks is honored to bring this song and it’s message to those that will listen. The story of the song along with additional lyrics and music by Cedar Breaks can be found in the new historical novel “Upon Destiny’s Song”, which is the story of the journey and rescue of the pioneers of 1856 as well as the impact of the story on today’s modern world.