Composers guild judgeComposers guild judge

composer contest winner: “Rainy Day”
“The lyrics are nice and picturesque, colorful chords. . A nice relaxed rhythm and tempo. Kind of melancholy. It really is a lovely song. A pleasure to hear.

Composers guild judgeComposers guild judge

composer contest winner: “Eutaw”
“The symbolic nature of your song kept me guessing and involved right to the end when the symbolism became crystal clear. Congratulations for a most original allegoric text. The phonetic title is very clever and immediately sent my mind into a subjunctive realm where i remained throughout to the end thanks to the beautiful wrought lyrics.”

Composers guild judgeComposers guild judge

composer contest winner: “set to wander”
“a plaintive and tender song….very lovely”

Composers guild judgeComposers guild judge

Composer contest winner: “Tyme”
“an attractive, ingratiating song”


Thanks for bringing this beautiful music and videos into our lives.
I love it! It is like taking a whirl wind tour of all the beautiful places in Utah.


You really do have an amazing band. The music is wonderful and the video’s divine.


Wow, that is a quality song! Great website too, I am impressed.


Tyme – Aspects of Home, album by Cedar Breaks is a refreshing collection of creativity and talent. Each selection touches my soul in a different way, with feelings of serenity, appreciation, and delight that deepen with each listening. It reminds me of places in time that were unsettling – past ambivilances and moments of decision and peaceful closures. Tyme brightens, enlightens, empowers and rejuvenates me. It quickly became my new favorite CD. Thank you Cedar Breaks.


I always enjoy your music, it is something I can sit back and relax to.


I just watched the documentary and loved it. It is so beautiful and filled with passion and love. I think it turned out to be absolutely magical!


I like the guitar music best of all. It seems to lighten my spirit.


Through musical artistry Cedar Breaks pulls back the curtains allowing a flood of music and song to wash over our definition of what it is to be alive and acknowledging those countless generations who have made our lives possible.


Your music touches my heart. I am going to share this with a new and dear friend of mine….. She will really enjoy your music and the message. I loved the trailer…I just kept playing it over and over again.


Tyme, Aspects of Home reminds me to be thankful everyday. Thankful for everything I have, every lesson I have learned and where I came from. The music brings a tranquil simplicity that calms the soul and quiets the wordly noise around me. A fantastic compilation from a very talented group of muscians.
You have truly touch me.


Cedar Breaks…… here are the impressions of the songs I heard on your CD and DVD. They were haunting, enlightening, spiritual, and nostalgic. I really loved them all, and found myself humming the songs throughout the day.
Your music was advanced and cohesive. We would love to hear Cedar Breaks perform. Please keep us posted.

Steve and VioletSteve and Violet

I get totally immersed in this music and the films’, so much so that I spend hours listening and watching them. My husband and I love to spend time listening and watching together. We have recommended Cedar Breaks to all our friends. Thank you again for sharing.


“Tyme Aspects of Home”
Yeah…………. good, worthwhile, beautiful, meaningful.
Snow…..AHHHH!!! one of my favorite celtic pieces….Love your rendition!
Believe…nice song to mix the album up. Good message.
Tyme….love the vocals. Great message.
Rainy days: … is addictive.
Strong…A big song…nice addition to the album.
Set to Wander…beautiful, plaintive chord progressions…very lovely. Love the vocals and harmonies!
Aspects…great new age folk. Love the harmonies.


….. beautiful videos! We watched “Tyme, Aspects of Home” ……….yesterday and we loved them all!! The music and the photography was gorgeous. We loved how the videos moved…………to footage of your band singing and performing at various locations.
You are incredibly talented! I’m excited to share these videos with our extended family, and I’ll let others know about your beautiful work as well.


You are talented beyond explanation.
What a special film and outstanding music and scenery.
Great story and message. You inspire me big time.


(Comment on the new song “Light”)
What a beautiful song! The message is so powerful and inspiring.


You have a profound message to share in a serene, gifted musical package!


I have listened to Light about five times. It is really good! Your male vocalist has an awesome voice, the guitar work is great and the harmony is very good. Really good.


Your music is really really good! Your writing has a majestic nobility without pretension. It paints a beautiful picture and awakens the mind softly.


What wonderful songs. I could stay for hours. Even the website design is so cool. However, you definitely broke the unspoken rule of only one good singer/musician per band. : ) So nice to hear such quality and craft.

Western Life RadioWestern Life Radio

Amazing music, amazing group……. I love the sound, I ‘ve been listening to it a lot lately…… It’s very quiet, thoughtful, reflective, peaceful kind of music, with a soul…….. Timeless.